Saving pages with Readability and InstaPaper from IE on your Windows Phone

After much searching I have found a way to save pages to services like Readability and InstaPaper from my Windows Phone.  On desktop browsers, a bookmarklet that contains a bit of javascript code (instead of a standard URL) is used to post the page to your account.  Although not advertised, this works just as well in the phone’s browser.  To create the bookmarklet:

  1. browse to the service’s bookmarklet instruction page (you may have to log-in).
  2. tap and hold the “Read Later” button and choose “copy link”.
  3. tap the ellipsis on the address bar and choose “add to favorites”.
  4. tap the “Web address” field and paste the copied link.
  5. if desired change the Name of the new favorite
  6. tap the check mark to save the new favorite

Now to save a page for later, simply go to favorites and choose the favorite.

For Readability the bookmarklet instruction page can be found here:

InstaPaper has a copy of the Read Later button on all of their pages:


This works on both Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango/Tango) and Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) phones.  I suspect that this method might work just as well on Android and iOS devices, but have not tested it.


2 thoughts on “Saving pages with Readability and InstaPaper from IE on your Windows Phone

  1. Thanks so much for this little hint! It makes me feel so much better about my Lumia 920 now! I definitely missed the “Read Later” bookmark… until I came across your blog post. Great job!

  2. Glad I could help! on WP7, the options for integration were somewhat limited. on WP8, they have opened a few critical avenues to allowing third-party integration like file type handlers, mime type handlers, protocol handlers and sharing interfaces. It’s exciting times for the MS platform.

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