Series: You’re doing it wrong! (YDIW) – PILOT

For those who are familiar with Jeff Foxworthy, you’ll know his signature joke format:  If you <insert stupidity here>, you might be a redneck!  In that vein, I am starting a series of posts in the format:  If you <insert anti-pattern here>, you’re <emphasis statement> doing it wrong!  The emphasis statement may be emphatic (“You’re […]

regenerating a TFS server’s guid

in order to clone TFS server and still be able to connect to both the existing and cloned server afterwards from the same client, you must regenerate the Project Collection’s identity guid.  This can be done with TFSConfig ChangeServerID.  after this you must update the guid on the AT’s web.config. if you have already connected […]

In a VSPackage, getting services on startup

a few years back, I wrote a VSPackage that needs to get a reference to TFS VersionControlServer on startup.  However, this was problematic as Package.Initalize happens while the IDE is still in “Zombie” state.  To know when Zombie state is done, you hook OnShellPropertyChanged and listen for propid = __VSSPROPID_Zombie, val = False.  This worked […]